Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup uni_Bremen

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry
of the Atmosphere
WiSe 2023/2024

Responsible Professors: Hartmut Bösch, John Burrows, Justus Notholt, Annette Ladstaetter-Weissenmayer and Mihalis Vrekoussis

Friday 14:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, H1 / Zoom




Topic - Abstract - Presentation In-person/Online Host
0 26.9.2023 Vijay Natraj
Remote Sensing of Aerosol Vertical Distribution Using Spectrally Resolved Measurements of Oxygen Absorption (pre-semester seminar, 14:00, N3310)
in person Hartmut Bösch
1 20.10.2023 ———

Preliminary discussion
2 27.10.2023 Andreas Richter
NITROSAT - targeting nitrogen pollution
in person Hartmut Bösch
3 03.11.2023 Pablo Echevarria

Stefan Noël
Introduction of the High Performance Computing resources available in the department
(10 min before the Seminar)

Greenhouse Gas Retrievals for the CO2M Mission using the FOCAL method
- First Performance Estimates - Abstract                      
in person Hartmut Bösch
4 10.11.2023 Arthur Grundner

Arndt Kaps

Data-Driven Cloud Cover Parameterizations for ICON using Deep Learning and Symbolic Regression

Machine Learning Based Observational Cloud Products for Process-Oriented Climate Model Evaluation
Abstract 1 (Arthur Grundner)
Abstract 2 (Arndt Kaps)                      
hybrid Veronika Eyring
5 17.11.2023 Sven Krautwurst & MAMAP Team
Travelogue from Down Under. Bowen Basin Coal Mapping 2023 (BBCMap23)
in person Heinrich Bovensmann
6 24.11.2023 Academic graduation ceremony
(no talk)
7 01.12.2023 Yijuan Zhang
Developing an integrated inventory for anthropogenic emissions in China
in person Mihalis Vrekoussis
8 08.12.2023 Janek Gödeke
(Department of Mathematics, University of Bremen)
Machine Learning Methods for Surface NO2 Estimation from GEMS Satellite Data
in person Andreas Richter
9 15.12.2023 Josua Schindewolf
In-Situ Flux Emission Estimates of Coal Bed Methane from the BBCMap Pre-Survey 2022
in person Sven Krautwurst
10 22.12.2023

11 12.01.2024 Maximilian Reuter
Development of a data-driven method to retrieve XCO2 using an artificial neural network in preparation for the European Copernicus CO2 Monitoring Mission CO2M
in person Michael Buchwitz
12 19.01.2024

13 26.01.2024 Aytaç Paçal

Gunnar Behrens
Detecting and understanding extreme temperature events and heatwaves using machine-learning

Understanding and modelling convection with machine learning                      
in person Veronika Eyring
14 02.02.2024 Denghui Ji
in person Justus Notholt

If you are looking for the seminar "Ice, Ocean, Atmosphere", you can find it here
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