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Our Research in Environmental Physics:

  • Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere

    Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere

    Measurements of trace gases and aerosols by remote sensing and in-situ observations, radiative transfer modelling, laboratory spectroscopy, and scientific support of atmospheric satellite missions. more...

  • Remote Sensing

    Remote Sensing

    Atmospheric research by remote sensing. In our group we deal with passive methods, the absorption and emission spectroscopy in the infrared and microwave spectral range. more...

  • Oceanography


    We investigate changes in the climate-relevant processes in the ocean by applying a wide spectrum of modern experimental methods. more...

  • Climate Modelling

    Climate Modelling

    We analyse Earth system model simulations of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) in combination with observations to better understand and project the climate system and anthropogenic climate change. more...

  • Inverse Modelling of the Earth System

    Inverse Modelling of the Earth System

    Laboratory for Modeling and Observation of the Earth System. The group is hosted by the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen. We are closely collaborating with the excellence cluster MARUM. more...

  • Alfred-Wegener-Institut


    The institute coordinates German polar research and makes available to national and international science important infrastructure, e.g. the research icebreaker “Polarstern” and research stations in the Arctic and Antarctic. more...

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