CH4 spectra near 1.6 um

New methane (CH4) absorption spectra and line parameters in the spectral region near 1.6 micro-meter were obtained within the context of the ESA project ADVANSE.

The ADVANSE high spectral resolution methane absorption spectra cover various
temperatures, pressures and mixtures with different buffer gases. They are compiled
in the so-called Absorption Spectra Data Base (ASDB).

The ADVANSE methane line parameters (LPs) are available in HITRAN 2008 format.

Please see the ADVANSE Final Report (download here) for details.

The ASDB and LP data sets are available for interested user on request.

Please, contact Victor Gorshelev / /
to obtain the password for downloading the data.

Once you have obtained username and password, please click
HERE to access the data.