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Molecular Spectroscopy and Chemical Kinetics Group studies at the IUP, University of Bremen are:

  • to provide accurate reference spectra to be used in atmospheric remote sensing using and satellite spectrometers,
  • to provide rate coefficient reference data needed to determine absolute cross sections of relevant atmospheric species,
  • to determine atmospheric trace gas concentrations using optical methods,
  • to study molecular physics and chemistry related to atmospheric problems,
  • and - in close co-operation with the corresponding agencies and industrial facilities - the on-ground calibration of satellite spectrometers as done for GOME-1 and SCIAMACHY.

The technique in general is absorption spectroscopy: the interaction of light with atoms and molecules. In more detail the activities cover:

  • High resolved UV/VIS/NIR Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (FTS); Time resolved UV/VIS/NIR Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (TR-FTS);
  • High speed time resolved UV/VIS absorption spectroscopy using flash photolysis combined with a modern fast CCD time resolved detection set-up;
  • Time resolved VUV/UV resonance absorption spectroscopy of atomic species;
  • High resolved UV/VIS/NIR monitoring of atmospheric trace gases using Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (SOCCER);
  • Mobile gas handling and optical absorption set-up for direct on-ground trace gas absorption measurements with satellite flight models (CATGAS);
Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)
University of Bremen, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
28359 Bremen Germany