NO2 Spectra

  • Temperature-dependent absorption cross-sections of NO2 in the 12000-43500 cm-1 range (230-830 nm) recorded with a high-resolution Fourier-transform spectrometer, at total sample pressures of 100 and 1000 mbar:
  • All files are compressed ASCII-data (*.zip) and can be decompressed using PKZIP on a Windows or DOS system.
Temperature Pressure 100 mbar Pressure 1000 mbar
293 K no2_2931 no2_293h
280 K no2_2801 no2_280h
260 K no2_2601 no2_260h
246 K no2_2461 no2_246h
223 K no2_2231 no2_223h

Table 3. Temperature dependent NO2 spectra

S. Voigt, J. Orphal, J.P. Burrows. "The temperature and pressure dependence of the absorption cross-sections of NO2 in the 250–800 nm region measured by Fourier-transform spectroscopy". Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 149 (2002) 1–7