Seminar Physik und Chemie der Atmosphäre iup

Seminar on Physics and Chemistry
of the Atmosphere
WiSe 2015-2016

Responsible Professors: John Burrows, Justus Notholt, and Mihalis Vrekoussis

Friday 14:00 c.t.

Building NW 1, Room S 1360





Responsible for
1 16.10.2015 Prof. Justus Notholt (IUP)
Stratospheric HCl increasing again, caused by dynamic variability, driven by increased tropospheric wave activity Hella van Asperen
2 23.10.2015 Gunnar Spreen (IUP)
Cooperative Junior Research Group in Remote Sensing of Sea Ice: Previous Work and a Look Ahead Christian Melsheimer
3 30.10.2015 Zheng Li (PEP)
Car-DOAS measurements of NO2 Andreas Richter
4 06.11.2015 Prof. Klaus Pfeilsticker (IUP-Heidelberg)
Probing the tropical tropopause layer for organic and inorganic bromine Andreas Meier
5 13.11.2015 Chinonso Unaichi (PEP)
Intercomparison of TOA reflectances measured by GOME and ATSR-2 on board ERS-2 Martin Budde
6 20.11.2015 Oldenburg block seminar
7 27.11.2015 Leonardo Alvarado (IUP)
Investigating VOC sources using a homogenized glyoxal retrieval Niall Ryan
8 04.12.2015 (15:00 c.t.) Stefan Schreier (IUP)
Free-tropospheric NO2 and HCHO mixing ratios derived from MAX-DOAS measurements at two high altitude stations Leonardo Alvarado
9 11.12.2015 Jia Jia (IUP)
Enhanced tropospheric ozone over Arabian sea during pre-monsoon: the importance of SCIAMACHY LNM tropospheric data improvement Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer
10 18.12.2015 Liu Yangzhuoran (PEP)
Investigation of the amplification efficiency of gases other than CO for the measurement of atmospheric peroxy radicals by chemical amplification Klaus Bramstedt
10 18.12.2015 Francis Kudjoe (PEP)
Investigation of cloud filters for stratospheric aerosol data Klaus Bramstedt
11 15.01.2016 Julia Oelker (IUP)
Phytoplankton diversity in the Southern Ocean derived by merging hyperspectral satellite information Lisa Behrens
12 22.01.2016 Prof. Manfred Wendisch (LIM)
Passive Remote Sensing of Clouds Using Measured Solar Spectral Radiation Julia Oelker
13 29.01.2016 Elizaveta Malinina (IUP)
Aerosol characteristics in stratosphere from SCIAMACHY-Limb measurements Katja Weigel
14 05.02.2016 Evgenia Galytska (IUP)
Investigation of the stratospheric age of air in the Bremen CTM Michael Buchwitz

IUP - Institut für Umweltphysik, University of Bremen (Germany-Bremen)
PEP - The Postgraduate Environmental Physics, University of Bremen (Germany-Bremen)
IUP-Heidelberg - Institute of Environmental Physics (Germany-Heidelberg)
LIM - Leipzig Institute for Meteorology (Germany-Leipzig)
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