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Design and technical data

SCIAMACHY optical arrangement
SCIAMACHY optical arrangement (picture courtesy by TPD-TNO, click to enlarge)
  • UV-Vis-NIR High Resolution Imaging Double Spectrometer
  • passive hyperspectral UV-VIS-NIR sensor
  • high straylight suppression
  • moderately high spectral resolution
  • high spectral stability
  • high radiometric accuracy
  • high dynamic range (7 - 8 orders of magnitude)
  • moderate spatial resolution
  • 3 different measurement modes for atmospheric measurements
Scanner Unit  
Number of axis: 2
Angular resolution: 2.5 arcsec
Aperture Diameter 31 mm
Entrance slit, size: 0.190 mm x 9.6 mm
Instantaneous field of view size: 0.045 deg x 1.8 deg
Sun aperture size: 0.06 mm x 3 mm
Sun aperture instantaneous field of view size: 0.045 deg x 0.72 deg
Thermal Control  
Optical bench nominal temperature: 253 K
Optical bench orbital temperature variation: 0.25 K
Detector Temperature: 150 K - 235 K
Detector array orbital temperature variation: 0.02 K
In-Flight Calibration H/W  
On-Board Diffuser: aluminium reflection diffuser
Spectral line source: Hollow cathode discharge lamp, Pt/Cr cathode with Ne filling
White light source: Tungsten-Halogen 5 Watts lamp with equivalent blackbody temperature of 3000 K.
Measurement Data  
Data Processing: Coadding Mode
Nominal Data Rate: [bit/sec] 400.000
High Data Rate: [bit/sec] 1.867.000
Absolute Datation Accuracy [ms] 10
Relative Datation Accuracy [ms] 1
Mass (Budget):[kg] 198
Power(Budget): [W] 122