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papers 2010

Kopacz, M. and Jacob, D.J. and Fisher, J.A. and Logan, J.A. and Zhang, L. and Megretskaia, I.A. and Yantosca, R.M. and Singh, K. and Henze, D.K. and Burrows, J.P. and Buchwitz, M. and Khlystova, I. and McMillan, W.W. and Gille, J.C. and Edwards, D.P. and Eldering, A. and Thouret, V. and Nedelec, P. (2010) Global estimates of CO sources with high resolution by adjoint inversion of multiple satellite datasets (MOPITT, AIRS, SCIAMACHY, TES). Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10 . pp. 855-876.