Balloon-borne Validation

stratospheric balloon
stratospheric balloon click on the image for larger version
  • Three payloads were operated in the framework of German Validation Activities:
  • The LPMA/DOAS payload contains a DOAS instrument providing stratospheric profiles of O3, NO2, BrO, and OClO. The DOAS instrument is flown together with the Limb Profile Monitor of the Atmosphere (LPMA) operated by Laboratoire de Physique Moleulaire et Applications/CNRS (France). The LPMA is an FTIR instrument providing stratospheric profiles of CO, CH4, N2O, O3, NO2, H2O, and CO2. Additionally, the DOAS instrument was absolute radiometric calibrated before and after each flight to derive solar irradiance.
  • MIPAS-B is an advanced cryogenic limb emission FTIR spectrometer providing stratospheric profiles of O3, H2O, CH4, N2O, NO2, ClO, temperature, and pressure.
  • The TRIPLE payload comprises the following in-situ instruments: cryogenic whole air sampler, Lyman-alpha fluorescence hygrometer, and ClO/BrO resonance fluorescence sensor. In addition, a tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer (TDL) providing in-situ measurements of H2O and CH4 shall fly piggy-back on the TRIPLE gondola.
  • Bremen contributions were the radiometric calibration for the DOAS payload and the TDL for the TRIPLE gondola. The following Table gives an overview about the flight performed:
Flight Date Location Payload
18./19. August Kiruna Testflight Mini DOAS
24. September Air sur l'Adour TRIPLE
24./25 September Air sur l'Adour MIPAS-B
07. December Kiruna MIPAS-B (AFO 2000)
06. March Kiruna TRIPLE
20./21- March Kiruna MIPAS -B
23. March Kiruna LPMA-DOAS
09. June Kiruna TRIPLE
03. July Kiruna MIPAS -B
15. September Air sur l'Adour LPMA-DOAS
24. March Kiruna LPMA-DOAS
04. December Teresina TRIPLE
06. December Teresina MIPAS-B
13./14. June Teresina MIPAS
17. June Teresina LPMA/DOAS
25./26. June Teresina TRIPLE