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LINKS TO SCIAMACHY RESOURCES : German and English information refering to the spectrometer SCIAMACHY
SOST page : Instrument issues
SCIAVALIG : SCIAMACHY validation: Info and discussion
GC-VOS : German Contribution to the Validation of SCIAMACHY
Overpass maps : Tool for generating overpass maps
Envisat @ ESA : Official ESA Page
Sciamachy @ SRON : Space Research Organization Netherlands Sciamachy Page
Sciamachy @ BIRA : A Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy Sciamachy Page

May 2008: SCIAMACHY, 6 Years in Space! (more...)

July 2007: SQWG (Sciamachy Quality Working Group) now online (more...)

March 2007: ESA article "First movies of greenhouse gases measured from space", link to ESA, additional information and images from IUP. Here, you will also find a list of the media response.

February 2007: The SCIAMACHY Book. In summer 2006 the book describing the first very successful years of the SCIAMACHY mission had been published. Meanwhile it has been distributed in the atmospheric science user community, among management bodies and the public. The book was a common effort of many authors with DLR, ESA and NIVR providing funding for production and printing. More details on authorship, printing and publishing can be found in the imprint which is part of the editorial, table of content, forward chapter. The online version is available as pdf files. By clicking on an individual chapter in the table of content listed below the reader get access to just that chapter. Additionally the book cover is provided as a single sheet to illustrate SCIAMACHY's global view of the Earth's atmosphere. (more...)

Northern Hemispheric Winter Campaign 2006: SCIAMACHY will be operational for 4 years in March 2006. It delivers limb and nadir spectra for the detection of ozone, polar stratospheric clouds and other trace gas species. This winter in the Northern hemisphere will be the start for a near real time campaign of the Institute of Environmental Physics to deliver and comment maps of height resolved ozone and profiles along the satellite path as well as maps of the northern vortex and corresponding temperatures in conjunction with SCIAMACHY measurements of PSC occurences.This will give a wider audience a chance to follow the development of the arctic vortex and the implications on the stratospheric ozone field.