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Satellite Validation

  • The satellite validation project, located at the University of Bremen, utilizes the data of other, well established satellite instruments to perform quick validation on a global scale for a wide range of SCIAMACHY products.
  • Total columns as well as profiles from the SCIAMACHY limb measurements are validated. With SOLSTICE and SUSIM also the solar irradiance has been compared. The following table gives a list of the available resourses. MIPAS and GOMOS a used for intercomparisons.
Instrument Species
GOME O3, NO2, H2O BrO, OClO, SO2, HCHO, clouds and aerosols
OSIRIS O3, O2, O4, NO, NO2, aerosols, T, p
HALOE CO2, H2O, O3, NO2, HF, HCl, CH4, NO
SAGE II + III O3, OClO, BrO, NO2, NO3 aerosols, water vapour, T, p
SABER O3, H2O profiles
SOLSTICE solar UV radiation (115 to 430nm)
SUSIM solar ultraviolet energy
POAM III NO2, O3, H2O, aerosols
MIPAS O3, H2O, N2O, NOx, N2O5 ClONO2, CH4, CFCs, p, T
GOMOS O3, NO2, NO3, H2O, T and aerosols