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Envisat Instruments
Envisat Instruments (click to enlarge)
  • SCIAMACHY and the ENVISAT-1 Atmospheric Chemistry Payload
Instrument Method Geometry Time Height Products Synergism
GOMOS Stellar Occultation UV-Vis Limb Night & Day Upper Troposphere - Mesosphere O3, OClO, BrO, NO3 together with SCIAMACHY comparison of day - night chemistry
MIPAS FTIR Emission Limb Night & Day Upper Troposphere - Mesosphere ? NOy-family, CFC's, COS, C2H6, ClONO2, HNO3, HNO4, N2O5 together with SCIAMACHY all important stratospheric gases will be measured
MERIS Vis - NIR Imager Nadir Day Ground Clouds, Albedo, Aersol high spatial resolution information
ENVISAT-1 Orbit  
Mean local time at descending node 10:00
Inclination [deg] 98.55
Orbit radius [km] 7159.5
Orbit velocity [km/s] 7.45
Mean altitude [km] 799.8
Orbits per day [1/days] 14 11/35
Repeat cycle [days] 35
Orbit period [min] 100.59