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IUP Dissertationen / elektronische Veröffentlichungen

Veröffentlichungsdatum Titel mit Link / Autor
10 - 2021 Aerosol, surface and cloud retrieval using passive remote sensing over the Arctic / Jafariserajehlou, Soheila
10 - 2021 Satellite based remote sensing of halogens in the Arctic troposphere, under the impact of Arctic Amplification / Bougoudis, Ilias
01 - 2021 Investigating air quality in the marine environment of the North and Baltic Sea with MAX-DOAS Measurements / Seyler, André
12 - 2020 Retrieval and analysis of tropospheric bromine monoxide enhancements in polar regions using satellite measurements / Seo, Sora
12 - 2019 Measurements of shipping emissions with in-situ instruments / Kattner, Lisa
07 - 2019 Retrieval of ozone profiles from OMPS-LP observations and merging with SCIAMACHY and SAGE II time series to study long-term changes / Arosio, Carlo
07 - 2019 Observations of trace gases from ground-based and satellite instruments: Retrieval development and analysis of vertical andhorizontal distributions / Behrens, Lisa
07 - 2019 Spatio-temporal variations of observed andmodelled stratospheric trace gases / Galytska, Evgenia
03 - 2019 Retrieval of stratospheric aerosol characteristics from spaceborne limb sounders / Malinina, Elizaveta
02 - 2019 Detailed analysis of MAX-DOAS measurements in Bremen: Spatial and temporal distribution of aerosols, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide / Bösch, Tim
09 - 2018 Using airborne remote sensing and in-situ observations to assess emissions of complex CH4 sources / Krautwurst, Sven
02 - 2018 Measurements of Horizontal Trace Gas Distributions using Airborne Imaging Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy / Meier, Andreas C.
12 - 2017 Ground-based remote sensing of carbon dioxide and methane in the Arctic using Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry / Buschmann, Matthias
09 - 2017 Tropical tropospheric ozone columns from nadir satellite retrievals using the Convective Clouds Differential (CCD) technique on GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 data / Leventidou, Elpida
05 - 2017 Space-borne Retrieval of Solar-induced Plant Fluorescence and its Relationship to Photosynthetic Parameters / Khosravi, Narges
30.06.2016 Improvement and interpretation of the tropospheric ozone columns retrieved based on SCIAMACHY Limb-Nadir matching approach / Jia Jia
21.06.2016 Investigating the role of glyoxal using satellite and max-doas measurements / Alvarado Bonilla, Leonardo
26.01.2016 Systematic analysis of NO2 long-range transport events in GOME-2 satellite data and MACC-II reanalysis model data / Zien, Achim
20.01.2016 Investigation of metal atom and ion number densities in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere by satellite remote sensing with SCIAMACHY/Envisat / Langowski, Martin
01.09.2015 Exploitation of hyperspectral satellite data for the detection of fluorescence originating from biological sources / Wolanin, Aleksandra
15.10.2014 Tropospheric ozone columns retrieval from SCIAMACHY limb-nadir-matching observations / Ebojie Felix
11.10.2014 Analysis of tropospheric trace gas amounts from satellite and shipbased DOAS-type measurements: N02 from biomass burning and other sources / Schreier, S.
29.08.2014 Linear changes/trends in stratospheric O3 and Br= as seen by SCIAMACHY limb measurements during the decase 2002 -2012 / Gebhardt, Claus
19.06.2014 Harmonisation of the GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 total ozone date records for a better understanding of long-term trends and their causes / Chehade, W.
05.02.2014 Tropospheric nitrogen dioxide from satellite measurements: SCIAMACHY limb/nadir matching and multi-instrument trend analysis / Hilboll, Andreas
22.11.2013 Studies of global cloud field using measurements of GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 / Lelli, Luca
06.11.2013 Improved MAX-DOAS measurements and retrievals focused on the marine boundary layer / Peters, Enno
24.10.2013 Diapycnal mixing in the subpolar North Atlantic / Mingming Li
02.07.2013 Development and laboratory characterization of a sampling system for airborne measurements of peroxy radicals using chemical amplification / Chobry, Anna
04.04.2013 Satellite Measurements of Carbon Dioxide: Analysis and Reduction of Scattering Related Retrieval Errors / Heymann, Jens
30.01.2013 Greenhouse gas emission rate estimates from airborne remote sensing in the short-wave infrared / Krings, Thomas
02.10.2012 Retrieval, Validations and Interpretation of Stratospheric Water Vapor Distributions from SCIAMACHY Lunar Occultation Measurements / Azam, Faiza
26.07.2012 NO2 Limb Retrieval in the Upper Troposphere/ Lower Stratosphere Region / Bauer, Ralf
18.07.2012 Global and regional trends of Aerosol Optical Thickness derived using satellite- and ground-based observations / Yoon, Jongmin
01.06.2012 Application of CO as a tracer for dynamics in the polar winter middle atmosphere: A study based on ground-based microwave observations in Kiruna / Hoffmann, Christoph Gregor
17.04.2012 Phytoplankton Functional Groups fromHyperspectral Satellite Data and itsApplication for Studying PhytoplanktonDynamics in Selected Oceanic Regions, Sadeghi, Alireza
16.02.2012 Solar spectral irradiance variability from SCIAMACHY on daily to several decades timescales / Pagaran, Joseph Ambrose
27.01.2012 The relevance of aerosol in the retrieval of tropospheric NO2 from satellite - a study of model data applicability / Leitão Alexandre, Joana
01.12.2011 The variability of stratospheric ozone in a 29 year assimilated data set and sensitivity calculations / Kiesewetter, Gregor
30.11.2011 Impact of Very Short-Lived Substances on Stratospheric Bromine Loading / Aschmann, Jan
16.09.2011 Implementation and validation of the snow grain size retrieval SGSP from spectral reflectances of the satellite sensor MODIS / Wiebe, Heidrun
16.09.2011 Impact of Solar Proton Events and Planetary Wave Activity on Noctilucent Clouds / Rahpoe, Nabiz
05.08.2011 Modelling Stable Isotopes in the Eemian and Holocene Hydrological Cycles / Herold, Marcus
06.05.2011 Ground-based remote sensing of atmospheric carbon dioxide with Fourier transform spectrometry / Messerschmidt, Janina
16.02.2012 Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness over snow and ice surfaces in the Arctic using Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer, Istomina, Larysa
13.12.2010 Investigation of noctilucent cloud properties and their connection with solar activity / Robert, Charles
29.11.2010 Stratospheric Water Vapour in the Tropics: Observations by Ground-Based Microwave Radiometry / Golchert, Sven Heinrich Wolfgang
19.11.2010 Entwicklung und Charakterizierung des Ballon getragenen Instruments TELIS (TErahertz and submillimeter LImb Sounder): 1.8 THz Empfänger / Suttiwong, Nopporn
07.10.2010 Nutzung von Argo-Driftern und Satellitenaltimetriedaten zur Ableitung der Zirkulation im Nordatlantik / Richter, Falk
26.08.2010 Analysis and interpretation of satellite measurements in the near-infrared spectral region with the focus on carbon monoxide / Khlystova, Iryna
28.07.2010 Retrieval of dust aerosol properties over bright-reflecting desert surfaces with the satellite-borne Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer MERIS / Dinter, Tilman
16.07.2010 Vereisung der Antarktis im Känozoikum: Anwendung eines integrierten Klima-Eisschild-Modells / Cristini, Luisa
29.04.2010 Short-term variations in middle atmospheric ozone induced by solar forcing / Dikty, Sebastian
16.02.2010 Quantification of the chemical ozone loss in the northern and southern polar vortices using SCIAMACHY limb measurements / Sonkaew, Thiranan
08.02.2010 Analysis of the MiddleAtmosphere's Response toEnergetic Particle Events / Kazeminejad, Shahin
21.01.2010 Characterization and optimization of a DUAL channel PERCA for the investigation of the chemistry of peroxy radicals in the upper troposphere / Kartal, Deniz
13.11.2009 Atmospheric trace gas measurements in the tropics / Petersen, Anna Katinka
13.11.2009 Identification and statistical analysis of global water vapour trends based on satellite data / Mieruch, Sebastian
03.09.2009 DOAS measurements of iodine monoxide from satellite
/ Schönhardt, Anja
15.06.2009 Mixing and Energy Flux Estimates from Hydrographic Measurements in the Deep Western Boundary Current of the North Atlantic / Stöber, Uwe
20.04.2009 Climate variability from annual to multimillenial timescales: Insights from statistical and conceptual models / Laepple, Thomas
16.03.2009 Analysis and interpretation of satellite measurements in the near-infrared spectral region: Atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane / Schneising, Oliver
27.01.2009 Measurement of halogen oxides by scattered sunlight differential optical absorption spectroscopy / Oetjen, H.
17.11.2008 Analyse von NOx Emissionen des Schiffsverkehrs mittels Modellierung und Satellitendaten / Franke, Klaus
01.07.2008 Environmental Radioactivity in Different Climate Types: Measurement, Terrestrial Transport Process and Radiation Exposure / Qwasmeh, Ahmed Ali Husein
21.04.2008 The response of middle atmospheric ozone to solar proton events in a changing geomagnetic field. / Winkler, Holger
19.11.2007 Observed and modeled MOC related flow into the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean / Kirchner, Kerstin
16.11.2007 Der indirekte Einfluss von Aerosol aus Schiffsemissionen auf den Strahlungshaushalt der Atmosphäre: Untersuchung mittels Fernerkundungsdaten / Schreier, Mathias
19.10.2007 Investigation of Mesospheric and Thermospheric Magnesium Species from Space / Scharringhausen, Marco
28.09.2007 The Finite Element Ocean Model and its aspect of vertical discretization / Wang, Qiang
06.09.2007 Retrieval of upper tropospheric humidity data from microwave measurements / Kuvatov, Mashrab
19.07.2007 Retrieval of Surface Emissivity of Sea Ice and Temperature Profiles over Sea Ice from Passive Microwave Radiometers / Mathew, Nizy
06.06.2007 Polarimetric Remote Sensing of Land and Snow/Ice Covers with the SpaceborneMicrowave Radiometer WindSat / Narvekar, Parag
11.05.2007 Arctic Sea Ice Dynamics: Drift and Ridging in Numerical Models and Observations / Martin, Torge
23.02.2007 Bestimmung verschiedener Eisklassen durch statistische Analyse der Rauigkeit von Meereis / von Saldern, Carola
07.11.2006 Dynamical influence on stratospheric ozone and water vapor / Dhomse, Sandip
11.07.2006 Untersuchungen zur Variabilität im Südlichen Ozean mit dem Ozeanzirkulationsmodell BARBI / Lettmann, Karsten
11.07.2006 Analysis of Stratospheric Bromine Monoxide from SCIAMACHY using Comparison with Model Results / Sheode, Ninad
10.07.2006 Advanced total column ozone retrieval from hyperspectral UV satellite instruments / Lamsal, Lok Nath
26.05.2006 Studie zur Spektroskopie, Reaktionskinetik und zum Mechanismus der in der Atmosphäre relevanten J2/O3 Photochemie / Gomez Martin, Juan Carlos
19.05.2006 The retrieval of oxygenated volatile organic compounds by remote sensing techniques / Wittrock, Folkard
18.05.2006 Retrieval of Upper Stratospheric and Lower Mesospheric Ozone Profiles from SCIAMACHY Limb Scatter Measurements and the Ozone Depletion During the Solar Proton Event in October and November 2003 / Rohen, Günter J.
05.05.2006 Temperature Dependent Absorption Cross-Sectionsof O3 and NO2 in the 240 - 790 nm range determined by using the GOME-2 Satellite Spectrometers for use in Remote Sensing Applications / Gür, Bilgehan
26.04.2006 Extension and combination of existing remote-sensing instruments / Palm, Mathias
24.04.2006 Studies on the Transport of CO and Related Biomass Burning Emissions Using Ground-based Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry / Velazco, Voltaire
21.11.2005 Stratospheric O3, NO2, and NO3 number density profile from SCIAMACHY lunar occultation spectroscopic measurements: Retrieval, validation and interpretation / Amekudzi, Leonard Kofitse
25.10.2005 Retrieval and Observations of Atmospheric BrO from SCIAMACHY nadir Measurements / Afe, Oluyemi Temitayo
20.05.2005 Absorption Cross Sections for Iodine Species of Relevance to the Photolysis of Mixtures of I2 and O3 and for the Atmosphere / Spietz, Peter
18.04.2005 Study of stratospheric composition using airborne submillimeter radiometry and a chemical transport model / Kuttippurath, Jayanarayanan
30.06.2005 Analysis of upper tropospheric humidity measurements by microwave sounders and radiosondes / John, Viju Oommen
15.04.2005 Millimeterwellenradiometrische Messung stratosphärischer Spurengase auf Grönland : Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme des neuen RAMAS-Radiometers / Kleindienst, Axel
21.03.2005 Impact of clouds on microwave remote sensing / Sreerekha, Thonipparambil Ravindranathan
28.01.2005 A polarized discrete ordinate scattering model for radiative transfer simulations in spherical atmospheres with thermal source / Emde, Claudia
18.03.2005 Verbesserungen des troposphärischen NO:sub:2:/sub:-Retrievals aus GOME- und SCIAMACHY-Daten / Nüß, Johann Hendrik
15.03.2005 Water Mass Circulation and Variability in the Subpolar North Atlantic / Kieke, Dagmar
11.02.2005 Transfer von Nordatlantischem Tiefenwasser durch den Südatlantik mit Tracer-Verteilungen und Transitzeit-Verteilungen / Huhn, Oliver
09.02.2005 The North Atlantic circulation derived from inverse models / Sidorenko Dimitry
10.12.2004 Ozonvertikalverteilungen aus UV/Vis-Nadirspektren des Satelliteninstrumentes GOME:Optimierung und Sensitivitätsstudien zur Nutzung der achtjährigen Messreihen / Tellmann, Silvia
21.12.2004 NO2 Profile Retrieval using Airborne Multiaxis DifferentialOptical Absorption Spectrometer (AMAXDOAS) data / Bruns, Marco
13.12.2004 Aufbau eines Wasserdampfradiometers und Messung von stratosphärischen Wasserdampfprofilen in den Tropen und in der Arktis / Quack, Manuel
25.10.2004 Automated Detection of Canola/Rapeseed Cultivation from Space: Application of new Algorithms for the Identi cation of Agricultural Plants with Multispectral Satellite Data on the Example of Canola Cultivation / Laue, Hendrik Oliver Arp
24.09.2004 Effects of Storms on Microwave Brightness Temperatures and its Application to Estimate Cloud Parameters from AMSU-B / Hong, Gang
17.06.2004 Aspects of Ocean Circulation with Finite Element Modelling / Harig, Sven
26.05.2004 Solar Occultation Measurements with SCIAMACHY in the UV-visible-IR Wavelength Region / Meyer, Jerome
22.04.2004 Ableitung der Topographie des Wattenmeeres aus ERS-SAR Daten / Dannenberg, Jens
05.02.2004 Variability of the ice-ocean system in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean: Numerical model studies / Assmann, Karen
04.02.2004 Warming of Greenland Sea Deep Water Induced by Abyssal Mixing / Walter, Maren
13.01.2004 Nichtlinear dynamisches Modell zum Laserstrahlschweißen von Aluminiumlegierungen / Skupin, Jochen
17.12.2003 Airborne Submillimeter Measurements of Arctic Middle Atmospheric Trace Gases: Evidence for Denitrification in the Arctic Polar Stratosphere / Kleinböhl, Armin
24.11.2003 Multidecadal and NAO related variability in a numerical model of the North Atlantic circulation / Brauch, Jennifer P.
12.09.2003 Fernerkundung des Meereises mit passiven und aktiven Mikrowellensensoren / Kaleschke, Lars
25.07.2003 Einfluss arktischer Süßwasserquellen auf die Zirkulation im Nordmeer und im Nordatlantik in einem prognostischen Ozean-Meereis-Modell / Prange, Matthias
12.05.2003 Atmospheric Absorption Models for the Millimeter Wave Range / Kuhn, Thomas
16.04.2003 Modelling of tropospheric ozone and radical chemistry / Burkert, Jörn
16.12.2002 Modeling the Marine Silicon Cycle - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology / Wischmeyer, Andre
20.09.2002 Ventilation der Grönlandsee: Variabilität und ihre Ursachen 1994-2001 / Ronski, Stephanie
14.08.2002 Deriving Atmospheric Temperature and Instrumental Pointing from Millimeter/Sub-millimeter Limb Sounding Measurements / Verdes, Carmen
10.06.2002 Ozone depletion, chlorine activation and water vapor observed in Spitsbergen / Wohltmann, Ingo
02.05.2002 Über die Tiefenwasserausbreitung im Weddellmeer und in der Scotia-See: Numerische Untersuchungen der Transport- und Austauschprozesse in der Weddell-Scotia-Konfluenz-Zone / Schodlok, Michael
24.04.2002 Interpretation von FCKW-Datensätzen im Weddellmeer / Klatt, Olaf
25.02.2002 Messung von stratosphärischem Chlormonoxid und Wasserdampf in der Arktis: Erweiterung und Optimierung des passiven Mikrowellenradiometers RAM in Ny-Ålesund, Spitzbergen / Lindner, Kai
17.12.2001 Die Ozonverteilungen der Nordhemisphäre 1997 - 2000 gemessen mit GOME: Einfluss von Dynamik und Chemie in der Stratosphäre / Eichmann, Kai-Uwe
19.12.2001 Messungen von dynamischen Tracern und Ozon in der arktischen Stratosphäre: Analyse und Interpretation flugzeuggetragener Submillimeterwellenmessungen / Bremer, Holger
29.08.2001 Atmospheric Parameter Retrieval from UV-vis-NIR Limb Scattering Measurements / Kaiser, Johannes W.
28.08.2001 Modeling of radiative transfer through a spherical planetary atmosphere: Application to atmospheric trace gases retrieval from occultation- and limb-measurements in UV-Vis-NIR / Rozanov, Alexei
06.07.2001 North Atlantic Deep Water and Antarctic Bottom Water: Their Interaction and Influence on Modes of the Global Ocean Circulation / Brix, Holger
06.06.2001 GOME Ozonprofile: Weiterentwicklung und Validierung / Bramstedt, Klaus
09.02.2001 Entwicklung und Anwendung eines photochemischen schräge Säulen Modell-Paketes zur Interpretation von DOAS-Daten atmosphärischer Spurengase / Müller, Richard
05.09.2000 Messungen von Peroxyradikalen in unterschiedlichen Luftgebieten / Behmann, Thomas
12.05.2000 Strahlungstransport und Inversions-Algorithmen zur Ableitung atmosphaerischer Spurengasinformationen aus Erdfernerkundungsmessungen in Nadirgeometrie im ultravioletten bis nahinfraroten Spektralbereich am Beispiel SCIAMACHY / Buchwitz, Michael
02.07.1999 Bestimmung von Verweilzeiten und Transportraten in der Warmwassersphaere des Suedatlantiks aus Tracerdaten / Butzin, Martin
06-1997 Absorptionsspektroskopische Messungen stratosphärischer Spurengase über Bremen, 53° N. / Richter, A.
  Theses not published via electronic library system, but available as downloads here, Authors: A. Rozanov, J. Kaiser, H. Bremer, K. Bramstedt, K. Lindner, K. U. Eichmann, M. Vountas