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IT (sysadmin)

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  • The system administration (sysadmin) of the institute of environmental physics (IUP), physics and chemistry of the atmosphere (PCA, the group of Prof. Burrows), is offering you several free services, such as an email address, storage space, access to several of our workstations, printers, software and others. If you are new, please check the IT-documentation to learn more.
  • Sysadmin is mainly composed of employees of IUP/PCA. This group is, despite its main affiliation, covering the basic services, such as email, web-server and library server for the IUP groups of J. Notholt as well. If you are belonging to these groups and have additional needs please contact the responsible person from the corresponding group.
  • On basis of an agreement with IUP-management from 2010 the system administration provides you ordering hardware (e.g. PC-systems, displays, hard drives etc.). Sysadmin doesn't provide ordering consumables (e.g. ink and toner for printers).