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  • SCIAMACHY Science Products: At IUP we offer campaign-related data of the SCIAMACHY spectrometer onboard of ENVISAT, as well as scientific prototype algorithms to derive geophysical parameters on a daily base. Please contact us if you have specific requests.
  • SCIAMACHY Value Added Archive of IUP /ife Bremen: Atmospheric constituent data retrieved by scientists at IUP/ife Bremen. Choose a product type (atmospheric constituent, date), then click Search.The dataset is continuously updated: first to ensure that data products are produced for all available dates. Secondly with respect to improved algorithms.
  • SCIAMACHY data for ICARTT: The ICARTT (International Consortium of Atmospheric Research on Transport andTransformation) is combining several regional research projects, independently developed by different international groups in the US and in Europe, to develop a better understanding of the evolution of anthorpogenic emission injected into the atmosphere. The major participants of the consortium are NOAA with the New England Air Quality Study - Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation (NEAQS - ITCT 2004) program, NASA with the Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment - North America (INTEX-NA) earth science mission and on the european side the Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors - North Atlantic Study (ITOP).
  • First GOME-2 nadir DOAS results: Since March 2007, first spectra from the GOME-2 instrument on MetOp are available from EUMETSAT. Although the spectra are not yet fully calibrated and validated, they already can be used to demonstrate the potential of the new instrument.
  • Compared to GOME, the main differences of GOME-2 are the improved spatial resolution and the much better coverage.
  • ERS-2 GOME Image Archive: This is the GOME trace gas image archive at the IUP/ife Bremen. Choose a product type (Gas, Viewing angle, format, date), then click OK. For other maps than ozone the archive is not complete, but missing maps will come soon!