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Master Theses

In environmental physics, our students have the possibility to get solid knowledge about the oceans, the atmosphere, and in terrestrial environmental research. Within the framework of a Master Thesis, our students many times have even been taking part in interesting worldwide expeditions !

Interesting projects for your Master Thesis are available here, however other projects may be possible in addition, depending on your abilities, and fields of interest. Do not hesitate to make contact to the divisions listed below:

Atmosphere: Remote Sensing: Oceanography:
Prof. Burrows Prof. Notholt Prof. Rhein
Land: Climate Modelling: Inverse Modelling of the Earth System:
Dr. Fischer Prof. Eyring Prof. Vrekoussis

Topics for Master Theses at PEP / M.Sc. Env. Phys.

List of Master Theses at PEP / M.Sc. Env. Phys.