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Bramstedt, Klaus

Klaus Bramstedt

Group at IUP:
IT & Scientific Computing group, SCIAMACHY, and UVsat
Current Position:
Senior scientist
Research Interest:
High Performance Computing, instrument calibration, solar measurements from space, trace gas retrieval from occultation measurements.
Research Career:
2001 PhD University of Bremen (IUP), GOME Ozone Profiles: Improvement and Validation

2002 - 2006 German Coordinator for the Validation of SCIAMACHY

Since 2007 Member of the SCIAMACHY Operations Support Team (SOST)

Since 2009 involved in science studies for new satellite mission (Sentinel4- UVN, CarbonSat, …)

Since 2016 part of IT & Scientific Computing group at IUP
Selected Publications:
Bramstedt, K. and Noël, S. and Bovensmann, H. and Gottwald, M. and Burrows, J. P. (2012) Precise pointing knowledge for SCIAMACHY solar occultation measurements. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 5 (11). pp. 2867-2880.

Bramstedt, K. and Azam, F. and Noël, S. and Rozanov, A. and Bovensmann, H. and Burrows, J.P. (2010) SCIAMACHY on Envisat: Trace Gas Profil Retrieval from Solar and Lunar Occultation. In: OPAC 2010 Intern. Workshop on Occultations for Probing on Atmosphere and Climate, 6-11 Sep 2010, Graz Austria.

Piters, A.J.M. and Bramstedt, K. and Lambert, J.C. and Kirchhoff, B. (2006) Overview of SCIAMACHY validation: 2002-2004. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 6 (1). pp. 127-148.
All Publications:
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