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Wittrock, Folkard

Folkard Wittrock

Group at IUP:


Current Position:

Senior scientist in the DOAS group

Research Interest:

Optical remote sensing of atmospheric composition

Improvement of of measurement techniques for UV/visible measurements from the ground (e.g. development of MAX-DOAS systems)

Development of retrieval techniques for UV/visible measurements from the ground, airborne platforms and satellites

Use of ground-based and satellite measurements in tropospheric chemistry studies, in particular related to emissions of hydrocarbons

Research Career:

2006: Dr. rer nat, University of Bremen, Germany, Title of thesis: The retrieval of oxygenated volatile organic compounds by remote sensing techniques

1994: Diploma Degree in Physics, University of Bremen, Germany, LIDAR-Untersuchungen der arktischen Stratosphäre

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