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Klemme, Alexandra

Alexandra Klemme

Group at IUP:
Institute of Environmental Physics, Department of Remote Sensing
Current Position:
Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Interest:
Investigation of the global carbon budget and its impact on climate change by utilization of satellite and in-situ data as well as atmospheric modelling. Studied topics:

• Carbon emissions from inland waters

• Carbon dynamics in peat-draining rivers • Response of tropical peat regions to anthropogenic impacts

• Carbon emissions from tropical wetlands

• Interactions between the hydrological cycle and the carbon cycle
Research Career:

2012 - 2017: Bachelor's & master's course in physics at the University of Bremen

October 2021: Ph.D. in physics at the University of Bremen (Topic: "Carbon emissions from tropical wetlands")

2018 – Current: Scientific Research at IUP, University of Bremen