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Weber, Mark

Mark Weber

Group at IUP:
group leader UVSAT
Current Position:
senior scientist (WIMI)
Research Interest:
My research focuses on trace gas and radiation retrieval from UV/visible satellite spectrometers and its application to earth remote sensing and climate research.
Research Career:
I earned my Ph.D. at the Physics Department of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, in 1992. As a National Research Council and National Academy of Science (NRC/NAS) research fellow I worked for about three years in the Laboratory of Extraterrestrial Physics at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, near Washington, DC, before joining the Environmental Physics group in Bremen.
Additional Information:
In 2005 I was invited to join the WMO-GAW Ozone Science Advisory Group. I am contributing author and reviewer of selected chapters of the recent WMO Scientific Ozone Assessments in 2006 and 2010. Currently I am an associate editor of the peer-review journal Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (Atmos. Meas. Tech.). Currently I am an elected member of the academic senate of the University of Bremen and member of the faculty council (Fachbereichsrat).
Selected Publications:
Dikty, S., M. Weber, C. von Savigny, T. Sonkaew, A. Rozanov and J. P. Burrows, Modulations of the 27-day solar cycle signal in stratospheric ozone from SCIAMACHY (2002-2008), J. Geophys. Res., 115, D00I15, doi:10.1029/2009JD012379, 2010.

Pagaran, J., M. Weber, J. P. Burrows, Solar variability from 240 to 1750 nm in terms of faculae brightening and sunspot darkening from SCIAMACHY, Astrophys. J., 700,1884-1895, 2009.

Dhomse, S., M. Weber, and J. P. Burrows, The relationship between tropospheric wave forcing and tropical stratospheric water vapor, Atmos. Cem. Phys., 8, 471-480, 2008.

Fioletov, V. E., G. Labow, R. Evans, E. W. Hare, U. Köhler, C. T. McElroy, K. Miyagawa, A. Redondas, V. Savastiouk, A. M. Shalamyansky, J. Staehelin, K. Vanicek, and M. Weber, The performance of the ground-based total ozone network assessed using satellite data, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D14313, doi:10.1029/2008JD009809, 2008.

Lamsal, L. N., M. Weber, G. Labow, and J. P. Burrows, Influence of ozone and temperature climatology on the accuracy of satellite total ozone retrieval, J. Geophys. Res.,112, D02302, doi:10.1029/2005JD006865, 2007
All Publications:
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1993 The Sir Harold Thompson Memorial Award, Herausgeber der Fachzeitschrift Spec- trochimica Acta Part A, Großbritannien/USA

1992–1995 Resident Research Associateship Award (Stipendium), National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council, USA

1989–1991 Hilton A. Smith Graduate Fellowship, University of Tennessee, USA

1988 Coblentz Spectroscopy Society Student Award