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(PArticles and RAdicals: Diel observations of the impact of urban and biogenic Emissions)

Partly funded by the DFG within the HALO SPP 1294/2 program (2011-2013).

Scientific objectives

The principal aim of PARADE is the investigation of the effect of biogenic and anthropogenic emissions on radical and particle chemistry. For this, more than 70 scientists from 7 German scientific institutions, under the coordination of Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, participated in a 4 week measurement campaign at the Taunus Observatory on the summit of the Kleiner Feldberg between the 8th of August and 9th of September 2011.

TROLAS participated with the ground based in situ measurements of the total sum of peroxy radicals by using a modified DUALER (DUAL channel chemical amplifiER) based on PerCA and a PerCEAS (Peroxy radical Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectrometer), based on cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy. In addition, NO and NO2 measurements were performed by using a commercial instrument (Eco Physics) based on chemiluminescence and photolytical conversion.

The data obtained are currently being analysed. A first discussion meeting on the preliminary results took place May 2012 in Mainz.