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(Peroxy Radical Initiative for Measurements in the Environment)

Funded by the EU (1988-2000)

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Scientific objectives: Evaluation and improvement of instrumentation for ground-base or airborne measurements of HO2 and RO2 radicals in the troposphere, by means of:

  • Laboratory studies focusing on the development of T and P controlled inlets and NO2 detectors, modification and developing of new calibration sources and the determination of their potential for airborne use
  • Field measurements: Field campaign at Silwood Park. TROLAS participated with the measurement of total peroxy radicals RO2*, NO, NO2, CO and PAN
  • Modelling studies for the interpretation of results focusing on the evaluation of RO2* sources and sinks


  • ICCET London, UL Leeds, CNRS Orleans, JRC Ispra, KFA Jülich