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(Peroxy Radical Intercomparison Exercise II)

Funded by the EU (1995-98)

Scientific objectives:
Characterization and comparison of existing measurement and calibration methods for peroxy radicals by means of:

  • A laboratory intercomparison under controlled conditions
  • Sensitivity tests to different RO2
  • Characterization of the calibration sources (lab and modelling)


  • KFA Jülich, MPI Mainz, UEA Norwich, CNRS Orleans, JRC Ispra, York University

Relevant Publications

  • Volz-Thomas, A., Heitlinger, M., Hofzumahaus, A., Holland, F., Mihelcic, D., Muesgen, P., Schaefer, H.-J., Sedlacek, M., Weber, M., Burrows, J.P., Andres Hernandez, M.D., Stoebener, D., Perner, D., Seuwen, R., Arnold, T., Penkett, S.A., Monks, P.S., Carpenter, L.J., Jenkin, M.E., Zanis, P., Salisbury, G., Clemitshaw, K.C., Borrell, P., Borrell, P.M., Laverdet, G., Maguin F., El Boudali, A., Hjorth, J., Poulida O., Saastad, O., Hastie, D.R., Arias, M.C., Mihele, C.M., 1999. Peroxy Radical Intercomparison Exercise II. Final Report to the EU, 2000.