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INDOEX (Indian Ocean Experiment)

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In cooperation with the Department of Atmospheric and oceanic science of the University of Maryland. Partly funded by the EU (1998-2000).

Scientific objectives: Assessment of the effect of anthropogenic gases and aerosols on the chemistry and radiative forcing over the tropical Indian Ocean. TROLAS participated in INDOEX with the measurement of total peroxy radicals on board the American research vessel Ronald H. Brown. The investigation focused on the link between O3 and RO2* concentrations, and the assessment of the impact of aerosols on photolysis rates.

Partners: The international field experiment was conducted between January and March of 1999 and had the participation of Austria, France, Germany, Indian, Maldives, Netherlands, Sweden and the United States.

Relevant Publications

  • Overall findings have been published in Journal of Geophysical Research INDOEX special issue, Vol. 106, 2001. Burkert, J., Andrés Hernández, M.D., Reichert, L., Stöbener, D., Meyer- Arnek J., and Burrows, J.P., Mühle, J., Zahn, A., Carsey, T., Dickerson, R.R., and Doddridge, B.: Trace gas and radical behaviour in the marine boundary layer during INDOEX 1999 J. Geophys. Res., 108 (D8), 10.1029/2002JD002790, 2003.
  • Burkert, J.: Modelling of tropospheric ozone and radical chemistry, PhD thesis, University of Bremen, FB1, April, 2003