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(Peroxy Radical Intercomparison Exercice)

Funded by the EU

Scientific objective: Formal comparison of different methods to measure ambient HO2 and RO2, namely the matrix isolation ESR spectroscopy (MIESR) and the chemical amplification. The field experiment took place in summer 1994 at the TOR station (Tropospheric Ozone Research; subproject of EUROTRAC) in Schauinsland (Germany) within the EU-project OCTA (Oxidising Capacity of the Tropospheric Atmosphere). This project provided important information for the characterisation and further development of the chemical amplification technique.


  • FZ-Jülich, MPI-Mainz, University of East Anglia, National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder (NCAR)

Relevant Publications

  • Volz-Thomas, A., Arnold, A., Behmann, T., Borrell, P., Borrell, P.M., Burrows, J.P., Cantrell, C.A., Carpenter, L.J., Clemitshaw, K.C., Gilge, S., Heitlinger, M., Kluepfel, T., Kramp, F., Mihelcic, D., Muesgen, P., Paetz, H.W., Penkett, S.A., Perner, D., Schultz, M., Shetter, R.E., Slemr, J., Weissenmayer, M.: Peroxy Radical InterComparison Exercise. A formal comparison of methods for ambient measurements of peroxy radicals. Berichte des Forshungszentrums Juelich; 3597; ISSN 0944-2952; Institute für Chemie und Dynamik der Geosphäre-2, October 1998.