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The project EMeRGe (Effect of Megacities on the Transport and Transformation of Pollutants on the Regional to Global Scales) aims to investigate experimentally the impact of emissions from major population centers (MPC) on air pollution at different scales. With this purpose, two dedicated airborne measurement campaigns on board of the HALO aircraft research platform were performed in Europe (July 2017) and East Asia(April 2 018) to study the transport and transformation of MPC outflow plumes.The measurements of trace reactive gases and aerosols in the outflow plumes are coupled with comparison with model simulations and satellite data to improve the present understanding of the patterns of pollution resulting from European and Asian MPCs.

EMeRGe is a project partly funded by the DFG within the HALO SPP 1294 program. EMeRGe is coordinated by the TROLAS group and comprises two complementary experienced scientific teams:

1. HALO-EMeRGe Measurement Team

University of Bremen, Institute for Environmental Physics (UB-IUP): Prof. J. P. Burrows, Dr. M.D. Andrés Hernández

University of Heidelberg, Institute for Environmental Physics (UH-IUP): Prof. K. Pfeilsticker Dr. D. Pöhler, and Prof. U Platt

University of Wuppertal, Physics Department (BUW-IAU): Prof. R. Koppmann, Dr. M. Krebsbach

University of Mainz / Max Planck Institute for Chemistry- Particle Chemistry Department (JGU-IPA): Prof. S. Borrmann, Dr. J. Schneider

Max Planck Institute für Chemie - Multiphase Chemistry Department (MPIC): Prof. U. Pöschl, Prof. M.O. Andreae

Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ-IEK): Dr. B. Bohn

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Meterology and Climate Research, (KIT-IMK): Dr. A. Zahn, Dr. Marco Neumaier

DLR German Aerospace Center, Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR-IPA): Dr. H. Schlager, Dr. H. Ziereis, (and Prof. M. Rapp)

2. HALO-EMeRGe Modelling Team

University of Bremen, Faculty of Physics(UB): Prof. Dr. M. Vrekoussis

Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC): Dr. A. Pozzer

EMeRGe additionally intends to stimulate measurements and modelling studies, within an international EMeRGe research partnership with the European, Asian, and American science community which contribute synergistically to improve the scientific output of the project.

EMeRGe comprises two experimental campaigns:

  • EMeRGe in Europe (July 2017, 53 HALO flight hours) with base in Oberpfaffenhoffen (OP) in Germany and London, Paris, BeNeLux/Ruhr, Po Valley, Rom, Madrid and Barcelona as MPC targets.
  • EMeRGe in Asia (March-April 2018, 127 HALO flight hours) with HALO base in Tainan (Taiwan) and the outflows of Taipei, Manila, Yangtze river delta, Pearl river delta, Bangkok, Seul, Beijing and Tokyo as targets of the investigation.