(ROx InterCOMParison exercise 2022)
IUP contribution funded by the AN 769/1 DFG Project SPRUCE (2022-2024)
Outdoor simulation chamber: SAPHIR

Scientific objectives

ROxCOMP22 is an international intercomparison exercise of radical measurements using LIF, CIMS, DOAS and Chemical Amplification while investigating reactions of representative biogenic and anthropogenic trace gas mixtures under controlled atmospheric conditions. ROxCOMP22 provides a unique opportunity to identify chemical artefact mechanisms by cross-checking calibration and operating conditions.

The campaign took place 4 weeks in August 2022 and TROLAS successfully participated with the PeRCEAS airborne instrument. A particular focus of the investigation is on the ability of PeRCEAS to provide information on the speciation of peroxy radicals in ground-based measurements.

FZ Jülich, Deutsche Wetter Dienst, University of Bremen, University of Leeds, University of Lille, University of Duai, University Anhui, University Innsbruck.